Monday, 24 March 2014

Ultimate Indian Experience - 8 weeks!

It has been 8 weeks since we came to Delhi. A lot of things happened during this time and I was even trying to write about this but then I realized that some of these things are indescribable.
I uploaded a lot of professional pictures taken by Postcards from India on my Facebook account so now I thought "let's just show randoms photos from my mobile" so that you can see more of our every-day life here.

We were forced to go to the photographer at our first day in Delhi. These are masterpieces.

That's how we prepare hot water for our "shower". With every day it's getting warmer though so we won't need it soon. #truelifebrand

Indian cannot understand that tea should be consumed without sugar or milk. They don't drink black tea of coffee either... so as I'm lactose - intolerant I have to make it on my own.

That is the proper way to congratulate newly married couple. You can see how happy they are.

While visiting cocoa plantations you just have to try these handmade chocolates. It's different that Belgium chocolate but it's still chocolate.

We met Argentinians who were drinking yerba mate constantly.

And we took a train from Kochi to Delhi. Trip lasted for 48 hours so we needed something to read.

Indians are masters in exercising...

And that's how I look before leaving our apartment. I still need to learn how to use kajal ;)

Cheers to these 8 weeks in India!
Picture was taken in The Garage at Hauz Khas Village where you can eat beef burgers. They gave me even free Mojito (that's how clients shouls be always treated).

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