Monday, 7 April 2014

How to survive Mondays #1

I will live in India for another 7 weeks (only).
So far my staying here is probably the best experience I have ever had.
After traveling around subcontinent, sitting in the train for more than 48 hours in a row, doing rafting, jumping from 83 meters height, paragliding in Himalayas and even running away from almost angry rhino I think it's time to just chill and enjoy my time in Delhi which I have left.

Mondays are not the easiest days and definitely not my favourite ones (I think you all know what I am talking about). I have learned a lot during my time in India and one of the most useful thing for me is patience.
Let's just say it - if nothing goes right on Monday you just HAVE TO be patient.
Also it's a nice thing to know that someone has the same problem with facing Monday's reality so today I decided to start tradition of posting regularly about ways to survive this harsh time.
So let's start with...

Drinking beverages which will help you get through the whole day.

Warm water with lemon in the morning
It will energize you and enhance your mood (which is really important on Mondays) as well as aid digestion and freshen breath :)
You can also add honey.
And if you will ever visit Nepal as I did last week (post coming soon) go to the Grasshopper restaurant in Kathmandu. They serve delicious hot lemon with honey.

Black coffee in the afternoon
When I found out that I am lactose - intolerant I needed to say  goodbye to the cups of cappuccino, latte and to all of those fancy designs made out of milk by baristas. Believe me, avoiding milk in India is not easy.
Masala tea and masala coffee are simply everywhere and what it worse, ordering black coffee is not a common thing here. That is why I make black coffee myself and you should try this too (I mean, let's face it -  buying a coffee every day in some cafes is just a huge waste of money).
I can highly recommend to you boiling natural coffee with a pinch of ginger and cinnamon. Optionally, you can add honey (avoid white sugar if you can).
Do not exaggerate with drinking it - one cup a day is enough. And yes, I know that it's around 36 degrees outside but it will effectively boost your metabolism.

Green tea in the evening
I love green tea so much that I even bought 4 different types of them while visiting Valparai in the south of India. Green tea will not only lower your cholesterol but also prevent you from food poisoning (totally useful in India) and will give you healthy skin. Of course it has a lot more advantages but I won't brag about it. Just don't add any sugar to it as Indians used to do according to advertisements of Lipton's green tea :) You can find it in one of my previous posts.

Since I left my blender in Poland I am not able to make cocktails so of course I use fruity richness of India to its level and drink fresh juices as often I can :) This one made from black grapes is my favorite.

So relax, people, and enjoy this whole week you have ahead of you. There is a plenty of time to do everything you want to :)