Friday, 25 April 2014


So today Beyoncé announced premiere of her new single "Pretty Hurts" which is not a big deal for me since I watched it several times before. The real reason why I decided to write about it it's actually social media campaign which have started today accompanied with premiere.
What is it all about? You just have to upload photo or video to Instagram with a #whatispretty caption and describe by that what actually word "pretty" means to you.
And what "pretty" means to me?
SMILE makes everything pretty. This real, not fake smile :)
And in honor of being purely happy I want to show you few pictures which describe everything I want to tell you. It may sound cliché but you can never go wrong with a smile. Just look at these pictures - if you won't smile even for a second while looking at them, well, my bad.

I encourage you to take part in the #whatispretty conversation - we all need to reconsider our perception of beauty. And to be honest, for me it is also a good opportunity to upload pictures of my beloved friends whom I miss very much.

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I'm waiting for your smiling selfies and if you want improve your mood today, go also here to see my favorite Ellen DeGeneres <3

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